CHO Performance Schedule

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Please note: Performances dates may be tentative. We update this list on a regular basis, so please check back often to see the most up to date list. 

2018-19 Season

BOLD = Open to public     |     ITALICS = Private event

September 8 – Edinboro Highland Games (Edinboro, PA)

September 9 – Edinboro United Methodist Church Concert (Edinboro, PA)

September 15 – Michigan Irish Music Festival (Muskegon, MI)

October 6 –CHO’s Annual Hometown Show (Chelsea, MI)

October 19 – 2018 Scottish North American Leadership Conference | Kilgour Scottish Centre (Troy, MI).

December 13 – St. Joseph Mercy Chelsea Hospital Auxiliary (Chelsea, MI)



March 2019 – CHO goes to CHINA!

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January 5 – The Ark, 8pm, opening for Thunderwüde (Ann Arbor, MI)

January 27 at 7pm – Chelsea House Orchestra’s Annual Hometown Show (Chelsea, MI)

March 13 – Private event (Chelsea, MI)

April 18 – Spring Arbor, MI

May 26-27 – Alma Highland Games (Alma, MI)

June 2 – Private event (Chelsea, MI)

June 15-16 – Chicago Scots Highland Festival (Aye-Tasca, IL)

June 21 – Sounds & Sights on Thursday Nights (Chelsea, MI)

July 1-5 – CHO Camp (Oscoda, MI)

July 1-5 – Thunderbay Maritime Festival(Alpena, MI)

July 15 – Warren Summer Concert Servies (Warren, MI)

July 19 – Music in the Park Concert Series (Williamston, MI)

July 21 – St. Joe Music Festival (Dexter, MI)

July 22 – Fort Recovery, OH

August 24 – Chelsea Fair Parade (Chelsea, MI)


January 13 – The Ark, 8pm (Ann Arbor, MI). CHO is proud to be special guests of Kiana June Weber.

January 18 – Chelsea Senior Center – private event (Chelsea, MI)

January 24 – Chelsea Retirement Community Chapel (Chelsea, MI)

January 28, 2017 – Chelsea House Orchestra’s 20th Anniversary Hometown Show, 7pm (Chelsea, MI). Featuring The Moxie Strings!

March 14 – St. Joseph Mercy Chelsea Supper Club (Chelsea, MI)

April 12 – Spring Arbor, MI

May 27-28 – Alma Highland Games (Alma, MI)

June 3 – CHO Senior Party – private event (Chelsea, MI)

June 8 – Sounds & Sights on Thursday Nights, 6:30-8pm (Chelsea, MI)

June 25 – Palmer Park Log Cabin Day (Detroit, MI)

June 29 – Williamston Summer Concert Series, 7-9pm (Williamston, MI)

July 7-9 – CHO Camp – private event (Grass Lake, MI)

August 10-13 – Indiana State Fair

August 22 – Stop by the Chelsea Fair and say hello to our CHO members at the Elephant Ear Booth!

August 26 – Chelsea Community Fair Parade(Chelsea, MI)

September 8-10 – Edinboro Highland Games (Edinboro, PA)

September 30 – MSU Pre Game Show on WJR (East Lansing, MI)
Live broadcast performance on WJR’s MSU Tailgate Show

October 4 – United Way Washtenaw – private event (Michigan Stadium, Ann Arbor, MI)

October 5 – Silver Strings Dulcimer Society – private event (Dearborn, MI)

October 28 – Fall Fundraiser Performance with Special Guest CrossBow (Chelsea, MI)

December 5 – St. Joseph Mercy Chelsea Hospital Auxiliary (Chelsea, MI)


January 30 – Annual Hometown Show (Chelsea, MI)
Chelsea High School, 7:00 pm

February 9 – Chelsea House Orchestra presents: Barrage 8, ft. Mozartine
Chelsea High School, 7:30 pm

March 8 – Private Event (Chelsea, MI)
St. Joseph Mercy Chelsea Hospital, 4:00 pm

March 11 – Grand Haven Irish Fest (Grand Haven, MI)
Grand Haven High School Performing Arts Center, 7:00 pm

April 23 – Alma Queen of Scots Pageant (Alma, MI)

May 28-29 – Alma Highland Games (Alma, MI)

June 3 – Chelsea Schools Ice Cream Social (Chelsea, MI)
South Meadows School

June 17-19 – Chicago Scots Highland Games (Hamilton Lakes, Itasca, IL)

June 24-26 – Private Event | CHO Camp

July 6-14 – Stirling Bridge International Youth Arts Festival (SCOTLAND)

Chelsea House Orchestra was honored to be selected to join the Stirling Bridge International Youth Arts Festival in July 2016, visiting and performing at numerous locations and events throughout Scotland, including Stirling, Glasgow, Loch Lomond, The Highlands, Edinburgh, Perth, and Perthshire.

  • July 6: Depart for Scotland via Toronto and Halifax.
  • July 7: Arrive in Glasgow, and get settled at our home away from home at the University of Stirling. Followed by a visit to the Church of the Holy Rude, and a welcome dinner with our hosts, and our tour partners — the British Columbia Boys Choir and Stringendo.
  • July 8: Performance in the town square in Callendar
  • July 8: Performance and tour at Stirling Castle
  • July 8: Ceilidh with our hosts and friends
  • July 9: Visit 160th annual Alva Highland Games
  • July 9: Performance at Linlithgow Academy, Dunfermline
  • July 10: Performance and tour at Culzean Castle
  • July 10: Performance at Ayr Town Hall with Dalmellington Junior Brass Band
  • July 11: Visit Edinburgh, including the famous Royal Mile
  • July 12: Visit Loch Lomand and Glasgow
  • July 12: Performance at Golden Lion in Stirling with Scottish Fiddle Group Innovation
  • July 13: Afternoon performances on the streets of Perth, and our grande finale at Perth Concert Hall with guests Edinburgh Highland Reel and Strathspey Society and the British Columbia Boys Choir
  • July 14: Visit Fort William, Glenfinnan, and The Highlands
  • July 15: On our way home!

August 27 – Chelsea Community Fair (Chelsea, MI)

October 1 – Alber Apple Orchard (Manchester, MI)

October 8 – MSU vs BYU Pre Game Show on WJR (East Lansing, MI)
Live broadcast performance on WJR’s MSU Tailgate Show


May 23 & 24 – Alma Highland Festival and Games(Alma, MI)

June 6 – The Showcase at Washington Street Education Center (Chelsea, MI)

July 4 – Thunderbay Maritime Festival (Alpena, MI)
12 pm and 2 pm

July 10-12 – Grandfather Mountain Highland Games(Grandfather Mountain, NC)
12 pm and 2 pm

July 18 – Chelsea Vintage Baseball Festival (Chelsea, MI)

July 23 – Williamston Summer Concert Series (Williamston, MI)
7:30 pm

August 28 – Chelsea Community Fair (Chelsea, MI)

August 29 – Chelsea Community Fair Parade (Chelsea, MI)

September 11-13 – Edinboro Highland Games (Edinboro, PA)
Friday 7:00 p.m. – Riverside Inn, Cambridge Springs, PA
Saturday 11:00 & 1:30 – Edinboro University
Saturday 8:00 p.m. – Ceilidh, Edinboro University
Sunday 10:45 a.m. – Edinboro United Methodist Church

September 26-27 – Fort Recovery, OH
Saturday 7:00 – Ft. Recovery Elementary School
Sunday 1:30 p.m. – Jay County High School, Portland, IN

October 24 – MSU vs. Indiana Pre Game Show on WJR (East Lansing, MI)
Live broadcast performance on WJR’s MSU Tailgate Show

October 30 – St. Andrews Society of Detroit | Kilgour Scottish Centre (Troy, MI)
2015 Scottish North American Leadership Conference hosted by the Detroit Scots.